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Fantasy Palace 4-Poster Bed Canopy Review

Fantasy Palace 4-Poster Bed Canopy
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After putting this "Palace" Casablanca Sheer Bed Canopy/Sheer Mosquito Netting up over my bed, my Princess Sasha cat thought this made a very nice tent and promptly took her place under the canopy and thought I had put this netting up just for her. Well, all was good and fine until she decided to see what it tasted like and was chewing on one corner.
Fortunately, she learns fast and it only took me saying "no" twice for her to realize this was not a product she should be chewing on. If you have small kittens, this might be a problem to consider. There are ways to arrange the netting so it is far above the ground. In fact, I seem to adjust this entire setup daily to suit my mood.
Sometimes I have all the eight panels tied up around the bed like a four-poster bed and then at other times I get creative and pull the end four panels together, twirl them and fold them up over the top. This creates an interesting effect and it looks like a palace bed. Then, there are times when I want to feel like I'm living in some romantic location on the globe and I let all the sheer panels float about the bed. It creates a very romantic environment and I like how the sheer netting can create exotic moods.
I have been very happy with this purchase and it only took about 10 minutes to install. You simply screw in the four hooks provided with the product. Then, you unfold the netting and hook it up on the ceiling.
Contents of box:
1 sheer bed canopy
4 ties (these are like little white ropes)
4 plastic anchors (If you need them before you install the screw hooks - I don't think you will need them for most ceilings. They say some ceilings may need an anchor and you can use a drill bit or nails to make a hole in the ceiling and then insert the anchors.)
4 ceiling screw hooks
This product is machine washable and it hangs to dry. I'd use a very gentle cycle. It is 100% polyester and can fit any bed up to a king size bed. Look for this product in white, ecru, sage, peace or lilac.
~The Rebecca Review

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