Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rent Movie - Movie Score, Poster Print Review

Rent Movie - Movie Score, Poster Print
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Just received the Rent Poster but it is in a bad condition.
The shipping container was somehow bent along the way, causing the poster inside to have obvious creases along the center. Was quite disappointed.
A suggestion to[..]...Put the poster in a triangular tube like what[..] did instead of the round tube which can bent easily. I ordered a poster from [..] and it came in excellent condition.

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Rent was the film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name, detailing the struggles of a group of young friends in the East Village area of New York City in the late-1980s. The film was directed by Chris Columbus, and stars Anthony Rapp (Mark), Adam Pascal (Roger), Rosario Dawson (Mimi), Jesse Martin (Tom), Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Angel), Idina Menzel (Maureen), Tracie Thoms (Joanne) and Taye Diggs (Benjamin).

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