Saturday, December 29, 2012

Timeless Treasures Recordable Wall Clock Review

Timeless Treasures Recordable Wall Clock
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I was dissappointed in this product. I was hoping to get the same product my sister received as a present which has a different recorded message for each hour. I was planning to have each of our children and grandchildren announce an individual hour for my wife. This product allows only one message to be recorded and plays the same message every hour. I suppose, like many other companies in today's economy, you are saving money by cutting back on quality and offering us junk for the same price! Too bad - the other product was really a great gift.

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Now you can record your favorite personal message to announce each hour! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Record a grandchild's first words, a close friend's greeting, or sounds from a special event. Hear that same recorded message at the top of each hour. Display 12 of your favorite pictures too. Ideal for school, wedding, pet, friend, or family photos. A great gift idea! Light sensor deactivates recording when room is dark.

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