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Intex Ultra Frame 32-by-16-Foot-by-52-Inch Rectangular Pool Set Review

Intex Ultra Frame 32-by-16-Foot-by-52-Inch Rectangular Pool Set
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I have the 32x16 pool. I had completely written off having a nice pool I can do laps in until I saw this on a show on HGTV, but we had a pool party on Labor Day and everyone was so surprised how big it was (included volleyball set was awesome for party). We have also built a small deck with stairs at one end.
- Size. It is basically the size of my neighbors inground pool.
Krystal Clear Saltwater system is great and so much cheaper. We've had to clean soak plates a few times with vinegar since we have hard water here in FL. Water stays clear.
- Pool fairly simple to set up. Takes an afternoon since you will need to put the boards or cement blocks under the poles or they will sink into ground under weight and probably break. Notice I said pool, ground preparation is another story! Two of us put it up & started filling it with water in about 4 hrs, but my fiance did get a little crazy trying make blocks perfectly level which took a bit longer (hint: they moved/sunk a little anyway as soon as water was in the pool so don't agonize over it).
- includes volleyball set and starter maintenance kit. You will probably want to get a better, basic test kit for $15 at your local pool supply store. I also bought a real volleyball, but the included one serves as backup when it gets knocked out of the pool.
- Also, bought the intex magnetic light. It didn't work at first (turned on then turned itself off initially), but we tried it again the next day and it has worked no problem ever since so hopefully it lasts. If you purchase one, I suggest putting on a long side (ours is above the pump) so it lights up more of the pool.
Cons: These are not really cons, so much as advice on challenges.
- ladder works, but don't have too many beer and get on it. We bought some used pool steps on craiglist and built a small 12x6 ft deck and put the ladder on the other end as another exit/entrance.
- groundwork & removing sod was not fun and took days. We did all leveling by hand with shovels and tampers. Also, since this was DIY we just accepted there would be a few wrinkles in the lining and it would not be perfectly level. We are 2in off lengthwise from one corner to the opposite corner, we just joke we have a "deep end". We went with purchasing 3/4in high density foam from Home Depot as recommended on some pool forum we found instead of ordering sand for cushioning since it was faster.
- takes 3 days to fill it up. We were worried when long sides were still caved in and water was only a 6in from top, but we read other reviews and they really do suddenly straighten out when it is almost full so don't worry.
- Net that came with maintenance kit not awesome, but it works okay until I buy a new one. Vacuuming can be a pain because of air in tube (my fiance can do it though, maybe its just me).
- Filters get dirty quick, but we just rinse them off. Had the same one in for 3 weeks, but we don't have a lot of trees (just palms and orange trees) to get it very dirty.
- We were worried about the size of the pump ours came with (2500gph) after people kept complaining, but intex said it was appropriately sized and it has worked fine so far. Maybe it'd be more of an issue if we didn't have the saltwater which is relatively maintenance free so far. We generally run it anywhere from 12 hrs (longest timed setting available) to 24 hrs. Found several articles saying more HP not necessarily better & actually save money running a smaller pump longer than a bigger pump in less hours, check out one here: [...]
Overall: we have really been enjoying the pool. It is such a great bargain and everyone who comes over is impressed and exclaims "I didn't know they made above ground pools like this!" I will never own a cholorine pool again, the saltwater is great. We plan on leaving it up year-round and hope to get 5 yrs use out of it, but we'll see (we do live in FL, our only concern is a hurricane crashing something into it).

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32' x 16' x 52" Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set (with Filter Pump, Saltwater System, Ladder, Ground Cloth, Cover, Deluxe Maintenance Kit, Volleyball Set and DVD) - Nothing matches an Intex rectangular frame pool. Size, strength, durability and flexibility are all combined into the rectangular pool. Your only decision is 'What Size?' The addition of the saltwater system only increases the pools desirability. There is nothing like swimming in completely fresh, clean, crystal clear water!

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